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caring for lives

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Services provided by Central Point Pharmacy

Community Building Programs

We believe in good corporate citizenship. We are a company of energetic and caring people who never hesitate to help others in need. It is this giving spirit, embodied in the hard work and dedication of our associates, which strengthens our cities, towns and neighborhoods. We inform, excite and engage our associates in volunteer activities and then recognize them for their volunteer efforts. In addition, the Central Point Pharmacy provides support to local programs that address community needs with a focus on hunger relief, education, social services, workforce development and fine arts.

Commitment to Diversity

Great companies value, encourage and respect the diverse ideas, experiences and contributions of every associate. Central Point Pharmacy is committed to maintaining and inclusive work environment for people of all backgrounds. Diversity is about embracing all that is different about us – ideas, people, experiences and opportunities. Our differences are bound together by our common business goals. Our commitment to diversity is critical to our future success.

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